Gut Health

Varun Sharma


January 12

Soup for the gut 🍲

Chicken soup is always a good idea but added some turmeric & ginger. Hope it helps to improve digestion😬 Happy to know suggestions to make soups more gut friendly

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Asmita Saha

Hi Varun! Any soups that are more clear & contain less spices are best suited for gut issues. We have many soup recipes in this app's recipe section. My personal picks for you would be - lemon coriander soup, pumpkin soup, chana soup, spinach almond soup, barley chicken soup etc. Do explore more of the section you'll find many hidden gems there. Also both turmeric & ginger in small amounts can aid digestion rightfully, but overdoing it can heat up the body further.

January 13

Varun Sharma

Thanks, Asmita! Sure will do

January 13

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