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Sakina Hashmi


Shyft Nutritionist

September 16, 2023

How to make sure that your children indulge in healthy eating ??!

💡Golden Hack - Bring your kids into your kitchen💡 How can one do this ?! 👑 At early stages of life let them play with kitchen utensils. Once they grow take their advice while purchasing new utensils or kitchen gadgets. 👑 As they grow give them simple tasks like cleaning and cutting of veggies/fruits, cleaning of kitchen etc. 👑 Motivate them to cook simple recipes independently. 👑 Take them for grocery shopping 👑 Give them authority - instead of asking them 'What they would like to eat?' pick a vegetable and ask them 'How can they help you in making it tasty?' 👑Introduce them to variety of cookery shows and books. 👑 Ask them about their favourite meals served outside and recreate it at home with them. Ask them to take the lead. 🔔Remember nourishment lies in your kitchen, if your child learns how to cook the dependence on outside meals and ready to eat foods will reduce automatically.

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