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September 01, 2023

Did you try the healthy Golden milk … know it’s benefits!!!!

✔️Aids in weight-loss Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory agents, fatty acids and antioxidants such as curcumin. When consumed along with warm milk, the heat released from this can help break down accumulated fats and fasten weight loss. You could even add cinnamon and ginger to the mixture for improved taste. Turmeric also helps in boosting metabolism by increasing bile production in the body. ✔️Enhances digestion : When we resort to multiple diets and ways to lose weight it creates indigestion in the body. Haldi milk helps you restore digestion thereby accelerating weight loss. ✔️Black pepper should be a compulsory ingredient on your list when preparing turmeric milk On the other hand, black pepper contains a component called piperine which can help relieve headaches, digestive issues and nausea. One of the most crucial roles of piperine is enhancing the absorption of powerful antioxidant curcumin in the body.

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Jyotsana Khanna Biyani


September 01, 2023

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