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Sakina Hashmi


Shyft Nutritionist

October 05, 2023

Nutrition for a healthy sperm💪

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 🧐 " Adherence to generally healthy diet patterns was associated with better semen quality with potentially more favourable fertility potential among adult men" Nutrients that play a vital role in maintaining good sperm health include: 🟢 Omega - 3 🌀 Sources - Walnut, chia, hemp, flax, fatty fish(Salmon, Trout Mackerel etc.). 🟢 Zinc 🌀Sources - Nuts, Lentils, pumpkin seeds, chicken. 🟢 Selenium 🌀Sources- Brazil Nut, sunflower seeds, shrimp, tuna, tofu. 🟢 Dietary Antioxidants 🌀Sources - All types of coloured fruits and vegetables ( Tomato, carrot, bell peppers,citrus fruits etc.). Have a diet rich in all the above nutrients, make your meals colourful, wholesome and balanced to keep those sperms healthy and happy 🥳🥳

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