Mental Health

Nadiya P


January 14, 2023

Yes to saying No!

Whether you say "yes" instead of no out of guilt, inner conflict, or a misguided notion that you can "do it all," learning to say no to more requests can be one of the biggest favors you can do yourself and for those you love. Many people hesitate to say no, even when they are over-stressed, over-booked, or just too busy to take on anything else. The inability to say no can result in emotional distress, stress, low self-worth & eventual burnout. The 'to-do" list seems like an impossible mountain to climb. It's not just about time, either. Saying yes to things that make you feel stressed, disconcerted or otherwise uncomfortable can take a huge toll on your mental health. Standing firm in your decisions and being able to express yourself can be so rewarding, but there are also some signs to keep in mind when it is not being harnessed in a way to empower. Know when to say No 🌈

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Yay, love this!

January 14, 2023

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