Weight Management

Vaishali Khanna


Shyft Habit Coach

January 15, 2023

Importance of staying hydrated in the winter

We tend to think summertime is the season we should be concerned about dehydration due to warmer temps. However, did you know it’s just as vital to maintain adequate hydration during those frigid winter days? Water is an essential component and makes up nearly 60% of your body weight. Your body depends on water to survive as well as regulate essential everyday functions including maintaining homeostasis, transporting nutrients, removing waste products and hydrating tissues and organs. A lack of water can increase your risk of developing kidney stones, urinary tract infections, constipation and even dehydration. Every time you breathe, perspire, urinate or have a bowel movement, water is lost. For this reason, and proper body function, it’s imperative that you replenish your body’s water supply through the consumption of food and beverages containing adequate amounts of H2O.

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