High Blood Pressure

Asmita Saha


January 14

Can you suddenly quit your BP medication❓

No you can't.❌ Blood pressure medication that helps in lowering down your high BP; is a temporary treatmen which instantly reduces your BP, but unfortunately it's not a permanent solution. If you stop the meds abruptly you'll get terrible withdrawal symptoms. For example - if you get a cut, you naturally put a bandage on it to treat it. But it doesn't prevent you from having injuries in future. The only way you can prevent future injuries if you remove the root cause of it (like being careful of your surroundings etc.) . Similarly if you don't modify your diet & lifestyle which are the root cause of most hypertension cases, you'd need to treat it with the medicine. But if you work on the root causes so that naturally the BP starts coming down & you can gradually taper down your medicine dosage, & finally stop it; isn't that better? So now you choose, are you⬇️ Team BP medicine or Team holistic BP management ❓

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