Mental Health

Asmita Saha


January 14, 2023

When I became Flash🦸‍♀️ for a 3 hour written exam (story time)

This was me during my college & university years,especially during exams. And about the additional stress & anxiety overdrive, don't even mention it. 😰 So this was during my final nutritional biochemistry written exam, I naturally didn't sleep much & drank a really strong black coffee (like 5 heaped tsp of instant coffee 👀). I ended up answering 8 questions instead of 6(literally answered 90 marks instead of 70), and made a book out of the answer sheet while 90% of my classmates couldn't finish their paper on time because apparently the paper was lengthy. I ended up topping that year in biochemistry but.... You get the craziness right? I feel embarrassed about this till this day😅 Moral of the story - DRINK YOUR COFFEE with caution 🙏

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