General Wellness

Pritika Kamal


Shyft Yoga Trainer

January 16, 2023

Morning Practice 🌸

So, if you are waking up with the thought that “I have a hectic day”, “I did not sleep well”, or “I am not feeling healthy today”, just shut your eyes – turn over, take a deep breath and wake up again. With the consciousness ready to unfold, the waking hours impact how our day will be. ✅Yoga warms up and kickstarts the body: When we wake up, the body is cooler and at rest. When we do yoga, the body gets heated to purify and transforms into becoming the energy power centre. ✅Enables us to take charge of our mind: Morning hours are known to be a highly receptive time for the mind as the communication channels between the body and the intellect are relatively open.In this quiet time, just like the new day, we too are reborn, establishing it as one of the best times for moving meditation. ✅Matches our body’s clock with the Sun’s rhythm: A morning yoga session impacts a lot of our body’s rhythm, stretches of Sun Salutations, help us connect with the source of light and life - Sun

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