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January 16

Healthy Winter delicacy!

Prepared this using roasted sesame seeds and jaggery. Crunchy and healthy. Sesame is one of the heat producing ingredients. It does have a long list of benefits however balance is the key! It's generally prepared and consumed on the occasion of Sankranti (Indian festival) to beat the winters and to keep the body warm internally.

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Ankita Singh

Looks yum 😋

January 17

Riya Rawat

Shyft Yoga Trainer

I will be using Jaggery in everything this winter😅

January 17

Prachi Kalra

Looks yummy!🤩

January 18

Sakina Hashmi

Shyft Nutritionist

Just a highlight when it comes to sweets, sugar honey jaggery all lie in the same umbrella so make sure to not overdo it. Moderation is the key!

January 18

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