Postnatal Health

Tarini Das


January 16

Postnatal heel pain

What to do for heel pain, ankle stiffness? Can't stand for long time.

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Hey tarini u can use a tennis ball to massage your heel regions. Also include calf raises and calf stretches in your daily routine.

January 17

Riya Rawat

Shyft Yoga Trainer

Hey Tarini! Massage your feet with warm coconut oil for reducing the pain. Do this for few days. After this, mobilize your ankles with ankle rotations, heel lifts, toes flex and extension movements. Hope it helps🌱

January 17

Asmita Saha

Hi Tarini! Just to add on with Riya & Komal, do check your serum calcium, vitamin D & B12 levels as well. Lower levels of these nutrients can also cause heel pain.

January 17

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