High Blood Pressure



Shyft Nutritionist

December 26, 2022

Put in right strategies to manage High BP

Reducing salt is just 1/10th management of the High Blood pressure.. 1) Consume at least 3-4 exchange of vegetables everyday 2) Consume 2 fruits everyday 3) Eat nitrate rich foods like beetroot, garlic, spinach, orange, pomegranate etc. 4) Ensure at least 30 minutes of Physical activity 5 days/week 5) Work on managing or reducing your stress 6) Get 7-8 hours good quality sleep 7) Limit high sodium foods like papads, pickles, ketchup, baked food items, packaged and processed foods etc. 8) Shift to low fat dairy sources like low fat milk, curd, paneer etc. 9) Eat dry fruits everyday for healthy fats and avoid deep fried snacks and food items ..!

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Anant Shah

Really helpful😀

December 26, 2022

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