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Nadiya P


December 26, 2022

How do I practise mindfulness everyday?

"Being fully present and aware of your thoughts and feelings helps you enjoy a better quality of life overall" Pexels. Mindfulness is being used everywhere these days but how exactly are we gonna imply this ? You don't need a fancy setup or a quiet environment for this.It could start with being mindful from your wakeup to brushing your teeth, your morning coffee or even while a walk. Here are a few ways 1)The keys that's keeping us insane !!!Yes I mean the senses!! By keeping our senses fully occupied in our daily activities like be it listening to the sounds around, identifying the smell, naming things you see and the senses you feel they help you be in the present here and now! 2) Listening to your body examples like is my heart being fast or slow, why am I shaking my legs for no reason or even your posture at any time. 3) Body scan focus right from the head to toe what's the feeling you experience tingling, warmth or tension. Be your own best-friend, listen to your body !

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Such good advice 🌻 Thanks for sharing

December 26, 2022

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