Postnatal Health

Kritika Bhalla


January 19

Ginger water

Heard that ginger water helps burn fat, is that true? Should I begin drinking ginger water?

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Abhilasha Sharma

Shyft Nutritionist

Hi Kritika. Only thing that helps us in losing fat is being in calorie deficit and reducing the amount of direct fat in the diet, along with adequate physical activity of course.

January 19

Asmita Saha

Hi Kritika! To add on to What Abhilasha said... Ginger water doesn't necessarily help in fat loss. But ginger does have positive effects on digestion & helps in detoxification of the gut. It also helps with feel good chemical production in the body which helps with improving stress levels. So having some ginger water daily can definitely help, just not in fat burning.

January 19

Kritika Bhalla

Thank you Asmita & Abhilasha!

January 20

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