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Malvika Subramaniam


January 19

Sleep cycle

I know sleep is important, but sometimes my office shift changes and I end up working overnight. How bad is it towards my weight loss journey?

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Shyft Nutritionist

The ideal time to sleep is at night , otherwise there could be increased cravings , constipation and a disruption in circadian rhythm . in case if you are working late / rotating shifts/ night shifts and it happens sometimes - it is ok !!, try to still add in those 7-8 hours of sleep ( which should be fixed ), can be anytime, whenever you can catch-up on it . The key point is - the body requires good amount of rest to rejuvenate and kick start your day again . Do not compromise on sleep hours . !!! ( include good physical activity , limit caffeine , and avoid screen time 1 hour before sleep ) Factor your sleep needs into your schedule and plan your days / nights accordingly

January 20

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