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December 26, 2022

Why Soaked almonds are better for health?

Almonds are considered as the super foods in the food chart, but soaked almonds have always been the sure winner. The reasons why most mom's insist their children to have soaked almonds are - 1)The peel of the almond contains TANNINS- which is an anti-nutrient which hinders the absorption 2) Not just easy to chew, the soaked almonds are also softer in texture which makes it easy for the digestive enzymes to break it down and absorb the nutrients effectively. 3) Soaking also reduces the leve of PHYTIC ACID present in them, thereby increasing the absorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc. But, If you forgot to soak almonds overnight, you can still have them raw. Not soaking them isn't a good enough reason to eliminate the power packed almonds from your diet...

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Dr Shweta Rao

Shyft Yoga Trainer


December 26, 2022

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