High Blood Pressure

Asmita Saha


January 20, 2023

Farting helps in reducing high blood pressure❗Reasons for you to LET IT GOOOOO 💨

First of all NO.I am not kidding... Foul smelling farts contain hydrogen sulfide. The enzyme that relaxes the blood vessels & reduces BP also produces this chemical! Meaning you farting more is a result of an increase in the enzyme 😎 Not only your BP but farting can also help with improvement in brain health, effects of aging,kidney health & prevents strokes. 🙊 Now only farting will not cut it though, a proper diet, water intake, exercise & further lifestyle modifications are a must in BP control. 🙌 So next time you let it go.... Don't feel too embarrassed & think about the medical benefits it's having on your BP levels. ✅ Not sure if your family & friends will appreciate the medical importance of your actions though 🤨

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