Mental Health

Vaishali Khanna


Shyft Habit Coach

January 20, 2023

The importance of taking time to recharge yourself

Have you ever worked too long without taking a break? Picture yourself sitting at your desk, staring at your computer screen. Your eyes and brain are tired, and despite your best efforts, it is hard to string together a cohesive thought, let alone focus on the task at hand. We’ve all been there before. Imagine doing this to yourself day after day and the toll this would take on your physical and mental health, your feelings about work, and your ability to perform. Though the pandemic has fundamentally changed the workplace, one fundamental fact has not changed: people need time to recharge or we can risk burnout. While it’s pretty universally recognized that breaks are important and work-life balance is something to strive for, the pressure to be productive often interferes with the best-laid plans to recharge and take some time for yourself. The duty to put yourself first and find time to recharge will likely fall on you.

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