General Wellness

Shilpa Francis


January 20, 2023

How to keep your Memory Sharp at any Age?

Can't find your glasses? Car keys? Can't remember the name of your old friend? You're not alone! Some tips to improve Memory: 📍Physical Activity like Jogging, Walking, Yoga etc raises blood flow to the whole body including the brain. 📍Stay mentally active, as this engages your mind Eg: Puzzles, Juggling, Reading, Chess,Trying a new hobby etc. 📍Social Interaction. 📍Stay organized. Keep track of tasks, appointments and other events in a notebook. Keep to-do list up to date. Keep all your belongings in a set place so they are easy to find. 📍 Engage in activities that challenges your mind. 📍 Sleep well Not getting enough sleep has been linked to Memory loss. 📍 Healthy Diet. 📍 Manage your health problems.

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