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Kritika Bhalla


January 22, 2023

Lower back pain

There is a lot of lower back pain that i have been experiencing these days and the lack of sleep and rest is adding on to it. What can i do get some relief?

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Shilpa Francis

Hi @Kritika Bhalla Stretching and lengthening your spine helps in getting a great relief from your back pain. Some poses includes; 1) Lateral bends 2) Seated Twists 3) Gentle forward bends with spine kept erect. 4) Cat and Cow. 5) Supine twists etc.. It's also important to have good sleep and rest and you are already aware of it. Sometimes too much of stress can also make the condition worse. Also see that you keep a good posture while sitting, standing and while sleeping as well.

January 22, 2023

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