Mental Health

Nadiya P


January 22

Tool kit to soften your sadness

Some days are pretty hard, despite being positive and happy. Some of the back to basics, doing practical things we forget, and also letting oneself feel sad really helps. It's absolutely ok, human and I promise it will pass... (if it doesn't please ask for help and support). Some Important things about sadness: - Depression and sadness are different - Grief and sadness are different - Feeling sad is a normal human response - You are not alone, as humans we all have times of: ✨Struggle ✨Feeling sad Having pain ✨Wanting joy ✨Needing support I have included some ideas in this post, share to help others. What ideas in the post made the most impact on you? Do you fancy softening your sadness or are you ok to sit with it for a bit?

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Snigdha Raj

This is helpful!

January 22

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