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Riya Garg


January 23

Travel and bloating..

Whenever I travel while I'm having terrible bloating issues due to indigestion. Any suggestions/tips?

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Sakina Hashmi

Shyft Nutritionist

Hey Riya! A lot of times traveling tends to upset our digestive system. Here's what you can do Make sure to remain well hydrated during your entire period of traveling. If access to the washroom is a concern then carry fruits with a higher water content like oranges or grapes and snack on them. Do not have a heavy meal before travelling eat light foods like curd with khichdi. Always carry snack boxes which have nuts and dried fruits like prunes/fig/date/raisins. Carry fennel seeds and chew 1 tsp of it post each meal. Make sure to chew your meals nicely. Avoid snacking on chips, fried nuts and deep fried foods you can opt for freshly made snacks like vegetable sandwich or a whole wheat wrap instead. If in flight or train snack on nuts, kala chana and fruits instead Avoid any aerated or sugar sweetened beverages Be physically active suppose it's a long flight then do basic stretching exercises and take short and quick 2 minute walk breaks.

January 24

Anjali Singh

Shyft Yoga Trainer

Hi Riya, I used to face the same problem. From my personal experience, bloating while traveling is caused due to drinking less water and eating junk. Also the problem with women is that we don't get to use the washroom that often due to hygiene or other reasons. Holding in urine for a long period of time also causes bloating. So try to eat healthy and stay hydrated. Also a lot of personal hygiene products are available for women in the market to help during travel. Try to squeeze in a walk to keep active.

January 24

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