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December 26, 2022

All you need to know about diastasis recti !

Hello ladies, I know how many of you are confused with diastasis recti, here you have all that you need to know & avoid. Diastasis recti is the condition where there is a gap between the 2 sides of rectus abdominis muscle ( six pack muscles). Why is it caused ? When there is excessive pressure on abdominal muscles, it causes diastasis recti. Generally during pregnancy, your abdominal muscles connective tissue are stretched from your uterus because the baby's weight is increasing. The muscles are stretched with the help of pregnancy hormones relaxin & estrogen. Pushing the baby out during delivery can lead to diastasis recti when the core muscles aren't strengthened before pregnancy. PS: before you plan your next pregnancy strengthen the core & pelvic floor muscles ladies!! Things to avoid Crunches, deep twists, planks without support, pressure of abs, avoid holding baby on one hip, avoid carry heavy weights, avoid coughing without holding the ab muscles, any strenuous ab workout

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