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December 26, 2022

Tiny break between work - you deserve it

Hello there, Stressed out between meetings ? I totally get it, I experience it too. Some practices I have inculcated to reduce stress levels and work efficiently, you can try them too. *Take 5mins break between meetings and just sip water with all awareness on coolness of water and the flow of water into your throat, close your eyes and enjoy the water. This will make you feel relaxed in seconds. *You can even listen to the guided meditation for 5mins and reset for another meeting. * Set 5mins for deep belly breathing, take deep breaths in the belly, feel it expand and exhale slowly letting belly shrink down, repeat this for 5times and your set for anything tough. Try them all and thank me later ❤️

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Malvika Subramaniam

Thanks Supriya! I love your classes ❤️

December 26, 2022



December 26, 2022

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