High Blood Pressure

Nadiya P


January 28, 2023

Tip for Anger Management

Silent Yelling If you’re experiencing intense emotions, channeling that energy into a focused physical response can help you reset.Try the 30-90 second rule, which involves doing one (or all) of the following for at least 30 to 90 seconds: ✨Deep belly breathing, silent yelling, and/or a physical exercise like a deep stretch or Burpees. ✨Silent yelling mimics the facial movements of screaming without actually letting out sound. Instead, think of forcing air out through the throat for a breathy "scream". You’re re-channeling intense feelings and energy — which can lead to impulsive actions — into a neutral physical response. Afterward, your body is able to think, feel, respond and act with more clarity. Now we know how to actually channel our thoughts and actions especially at a peak of anger. Do imply this and let me know if it worked out for your or your thoughts about the same.

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