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January 28

Avocados - how do I eat that ?🥵

The only fruit that has 22grams of FAT 🔥 Along with so many other vital nutrients … THESE ARE THE GOOD FATS ( rich in MUFA) !!!. And you will lose weight for sure !!! Some benefits for conditions like : *Hormonal imbalances : The first fruit to go for 👍grab your hands on these beauties 🥑 Awesome for PCOS or any hormonal imbalance issues. 😍 *High levels of Cholesterol/ Trygylcerides : Helps in reducing blood lipid levels🏃🏻‍♂️ *Weight management : Will move that plateaued weight for Sure 👍 *improves digestion and helps in detoxification Simple ways to incorporate it: ~Multigrain Sandwiches -Prepare a spread / dip like a Guacamole with crushed garlic and Olive oil - sounds tasty 👅 and healthy ~Avocado banana shakes 🥑🥛: filling and satisfying too 😋 ~Avocado Protein salad combos 🥙🥙 : If you haven’t tried one : make sure you buy one soft enough , ( avoid toughened ones )

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Asmita Saha

Helpful! But it's hard to find the perfect avocado, either it's too tough or too ripe. I usually get a bit of a tough one & keep it covered in paper on the counter top till it becomes soft within 1-2 days.

January 29


Shyft Nutritionist

@Asmita Saha that’s a great idea

January 31

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