Postnatal Health

Asmita Saha


January 28, 2023

Lucy said using cabbage 🥬 leaves cures engorged breast ~📢 don't be like Lucy & read carefully ⬇️

Breast engorgement is hardening & swelling of one or both breasts that results in painful,tender, lumpy breasts & sometimes fever. This usually occurs during the transition from colostrum & breast milk production (day 2-10 after birth). It usually lasts 1-2 days if you treat it. This happens if your breasts are unable to carry the load of milk & increased blood flow around the tissues. Now let's discuss how to treat them- 📍Feed your baby at least every 1-3 hours. Until one breast is empty don't move to the next. 📍Express milk if needed. Until you're feeling light & comfortable. 📍Take a warm shower or use warm compress. 📍Massage your breasts while feeding, to empty them fully. 📍Use a cold compress to relieve pain & swelling. 📍Take pain relievers if needed. 💡Note - using cold cabbage leaves for pain can be dangerous if they're not cleaned well. 🚨Caution - if the symptoms doesn't resolve within 7-10 days contact your doctor or it can lead to mastitis & breast infection ❗

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Donita Quadros

So helpful!

January 28, 2023

Asmita Saha

Glad you found it helpful‼️

January 29, 2023

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