Postnatal Health

Dr Shweta Rao


Shyft Yoga Trainer

January 30, 2023

Early Postpartum exercises

You wondering if you ready to start exercising before the six or eight weeks postpartum mark. Check out for three things - if you were active before and during the pregnancy.If you had an uncomplicated pregnancy. If your doctor has given a green signal to start practicing. Remember your body had undergone huge changes. Now your uterus needs to Shrink from a pear size to grape size. You need sufficient rest for the abdominal muscles and other joints and ligaments that had stretched and weakened to accomodate uterus. If you feel you are not ready yet then below are the three best exercises for you which you can practice - 1. Walking to improve circulation and strengthen the muscles and joints. 2. Diaphragmatic breathing or modified kegel, breathing in expanding your belly and breathing out completely emptying your belly and pull up your pelvic floor muscles. 3. Glute and hip strengthening exercises like with squat and bridges.

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