Weight Management

Asmita Saha


January 27, 2023

"There's a proper way to check body weight❓" ~ Yes Miss Jones YES

Keep in your mind 5 small things - 📍 Don't weigh yourself everyday. Once a week or once in two weeks is better since you'll be able to see some realtime changes. And keep a track of your progress. 📍 Weight yourself in the morning empty stomach, preferably after your morning visit to the loo. 📍Wear light clothes while weighing yourself. Take off your shoes & heavy clothing before weighing. 📍 Preferably use the same weighing machine to take your weight. 📍 Except the numbers also focus on inch loss,stamina, digestion & other small changes in your health. These are also your achievements 🏆 🚨Caution - if weighing yourself is giving you unusual & persistent stress, anxiety, negetive thoughts or disordered eating, do talk to a professional.

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Mir Hussain

Thanks for the tips!

January 27, 2023

Asmita Saha

@Mir Hussain you're welcome!

January 28, 2023

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