General Wellness

Vaishali Khanna


Shyft Habit Coach

January 30, 2023

Role of Good night's sleep

Some need it more, some need it less; some need it for beauty and some for rest! Well yes, everyone needs a good night’s sleep to feel energized and refreshed the next morning because a state of sleeplessness or disturbed sleep would make us all grumpy and lethargic throughout the day. An essential one-third part of our daily routine goes in sleeping and resting. Sleep affects all functions and organs, most essentially the brain. While our body switches to a rest-mode, our brains remain active. It forms and conserves neural pathways that help us learn and create and store memories. During sleep, toxins that get accumulated in the brain along the course of the day get removed Additionally, research shows that inadequate sleep and poor sleep quality causes a wide range of disorders that include cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes, hypertension, neurodegeneration and dementia along with poor immune function.

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