High Blood Pressure

Asmita Saha


January 31, 2023

It Has Been Said Nigella Seeds Benefits In Every Disease Except Death🌟

Nigella Seeds/ kalonji contains active components that are antioxidant, hypotensive & anti-inflammatory in nature and actively contributes in reducing high blood pressure. Other benefits of black seeds include - 📍Prevents diabetes 📍Supports weight loss 📍Strengthens bones & teeth 📍Works as a painkiller 📍Heals cold & cough symptoms 📍Improves heart health 📍Protects stomach lining from ulcers 📍Helps in improving sexual abilities 📍Boosts memory & improves vision 📍Prevents certain cancer development 📍Improves gut health 📍Improves kidney & liver health & Many more..... 💡Now how to take it? Soak 1/4th tsp Nigella Seeds in a glass of water overnight. Warm the water up in the morning & add 1/2 lemon's juice in it & take this on an empty stomach without straining the seeds. 🚨Caution - discuss with your nutritionist before including this in your diet.

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