Managing PCOS

Asmita Saha


February 03, 2023

Seeds Se Hi Hoga/Seeds will do😇

Now we all know PCOS is an endocrine disorder, in which due to hormonal imbalance menstrual cycles are missed & cysts are formed. Seed cycling for PCOS is an excellent method to regulate hormonal flow in the body. Not only that it helps in reducing PMS symptoms,boosts fertility & stimulates menstruation if it's absent. It can also potentially help with menopause symptoms like- hot flashes & fatigue. Seed cycling basically involves taking 2tbsp of raw seeds (often grounded) on specific times of your cycle. These seeds help in regulating estrogen & progesterone levels in your body. 💡Which seeds? 1. Flax seeds 2. Pumpkin seeds 3. Sesame seeds 4. Sunflower seeds You need to take 2 Tbsp of pumpkin & flaxseeds in the follicular phase (1-14 days of your cycle). After you ovulate in the luteal phase(15-28 days of cycle) 2 Tbsp of sunflower & sesame seeds are to be taken. Want to know more about this? Read the attachment below.⬇️

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