Prenatal Health

Asmita Saha


February 02, 2023

Wanna Know How Long Your Labour Can Last❓

First of all there are 3 stages of Labour & delivery : 1️⃣First stage of labour •Early labour - 3-4 cm dilatation 🕛This stage can last for 12-24 hours •Active labour - upto 7 cm dilation 🕢This stage can last for 4-8 hours •Transitional labour - last 3cm dilation ⏱️This is usually very fast & only lasts for minutes 2️⃣Second stage of labour -> Delivery of the baby. 🕐This stage can take upto 1-2 hours if it's your first baby. 3️⃣Third stage of labour -> Delivery of the placenta. ⏱️This stage can last upto 30 minutes. 📍A cesarian can take up to 30-60 minutes. However the process of recovery is faster after unmedicated vaginal birth. 💡Exception- In case of precipitous/fast labor the process can last only up to 3 hours. 👶Bottomline-First delivery can last up to 3-30 hours. If it's not your first baby the process can be quicker & last from 3-15 hours. Comment down below⬇️ what's the longest delivery duration you've heard about? I'll go first-> 56 hours! 😵‍💫

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