High Blood Pressure

Anant Shah


February 04, 2023

Suggestions to avoid feeling dizzy

Question - what to have before a yoga class to avoid feeling dizzy during forward folds, is it coz of high bp?

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Asmita Saha

Hi Anant! Make sure to notice if you're over exerting yourself during the workout or not. Feeling dizzy can be related to low blood sugar or low BP & dehydration. Take a good source of protein which is light in the stomach like - 5-6 soaked almonds & 2 halves of walnuts, or with one type of nut take 2 soaked black dates/anjeer, or take a small fruit. Keep a gap of 30min-1 hour between your pre-workout snack,water intake & the workout. Hope this helps!

February 04, 2023

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