High Blood Pressure

Nadiya P


December 26, 2022

Accupressure points for Hypertension

According to Accupunture certain invisible pathways of vital energy flow through our body beginning from the fingertips, link to the brain and connect to associated organ. These are the points that are targetted by accupunture. By stimulating these points you can restore the energy flows and improve organs function. Press down on the point lightly with your index and middle finger.Use a gentle circular motion over the point for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at these points. 1) The point lies on your foot, between the big toe and second toe. 2) The point located on the natural curve between your thumb and index finger. 3) Two points at the back of your neck, just under the skull base. To apply pressure to this point, you can grasp your head with both hands and allow your thumbs to fall into the point. 4) This point that is located on the inner side of your wrist you can place three fingers across your wrist starting at the wrist crease and then place your thumb below the finger.

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