Postnatal Health

Komal Negi


December 26, 2022

Diastasis recti

Do you know almost all women have some degree of diastsis.It is natural part of pregnancy but the severity of it what makes the difference. ✨The best accurate way to check for diastsis recti is through ultrasound but can with using your fingers. ✨It can be above,below or around the navel. Let's learn about linea Alba now. Linea alba is the connective tissue between our rectus abdominal muscles.During pregnancy,linea alba along side our other abdominal muscles stretches and thins out to make space for growing baby. When we think about healing of diastsis,we need to consider how much tension lina Alba can maintain because that tells you how well it can help manage intra abdominal pressure. It can for some people in 6weeks to 3 months but it can also take years.

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