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February 11, 2023

Are you drinking water first thing in morning ?

I know, I keep reminding you about this habit often and even mentioned the benefits of it. Here are the reasons why it's so important!! *It improves the QUALITY OF SKIN, the health of your skin & it's microbiome is dependent on water consumption. * It helps in hydrating your body, body wakes up dehydrated it's important you hydrate it for the new day. * It helps to improve the gut health, helps in avoiding intestinal infections. *WEIGHT LOSS, It improves the metabolism of the body, which helps in burning the calories & shed weight. * Helps to release the body's natural waste from the kidneys easily. CLEANS COLON & BETTER ABSORPTION PF NUTRITION. * It helps in fueling your brain, helps to clear the mind & have a sharper brain throughout the day. So I hope you have enough reasons to start this routine.

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Thank you so much mam for such a wonderful article you have shared with us. I practices drinking water in the morning but have fenugreek soaked water is that ok...

February 12, 2023


@Sonali Sachdeva @Asmita Saha Both nutritionists please suggest

February 13, 2023

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