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Kritika Bhalla



December 26, 2022


If i begin Weightloss , Will the diet affect my Milk Supply ?

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Asmita Saha

That's a valid worry Kritika. Make sure your diet has a balance of all nutrients. Seek advice from an expert nutritionist, who can help you with making a proper weight reduction diet where no essential nutrients are missing. But by all means avoid any crash diets. If your diet is nutritionally balanced, rich in protein, lactogauges, soluble fibres & essential micro nutrients like -iron, calcium etc. your milk supply will run smoothly.

December 26, 2022


Shyft Nutritionist

No, A healthy diet will include whole grains, Good sources of proteins, Healthy fats, and foods to support lactation. This will take care of the milk supply and provide the right nutrients for recovery

December 29, 2022

Kritika Bhalla

Got it. Thanks Jessica and Asmita πŸ™Œ that's one worry less πŸ˜€

December 30, 2022

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