General Wellness

Asmita Saha


February 11, 2023

Health is social ❤

I am a strong believer of " Parents = 🌎" My mother however is the one who put the keeda of fitness in me. 🧘‍♀️ I have seen her managing the whole house on one hand & her health and fitness on another, with ease up until now. 🙏 Let it be morning/evening walks, yoga/freestyle workouts she's way more of a pro than I am. 💪 Even if I sometimes want to skip the long walks she still somehow manages to drag me along with her daily. 😅 About the yoga & other workouts we both do them alone, separately but still both our workout routines are highly influenced by each other. 👩‍👧 Not only that we both keep on learning more about health & fitness but we spread our knowledge with others simultaneously. 🌊 The only difference is that I do it as a profession & for her it's a passion. 🍀 [P. S - this picture was taken before we were going out for a walk🥰]

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Nadiya P


February 12, 2023

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