Prenatal Health

Asmita Saha


February 12

I didn't know I was pregnant 🤰 (sounds familiar?)

Cryptic pregnancy/stealth pregnancy is uncommon (1 in every 475 pregnancies)type of pregnancy that conventional testing methods fail to detect.😵‍💫 Mothers with cryptic pregnancy might get a false negative test & experience spotting or abnormal pregnancy bleeding. They might not have intense pregnancy symptoms or dismiss them. Most of them don't feel the baby movements either due to having an anterior placenta.😱 🚨Cryptic pregnancy can be known even at labor. Thus can lead to a preterm birth due to lack of prenatal care. Some causes of cryptic pregnancy can be- 📍Hormonal imbalance 📍History of irregular menstrual cycles 📍PCOS 📍Using birth control / IUD 📍Perimenopause 📍Multiple births that are very close 📍Low body fat & intense athletic activities that can cause periods to disappear 💡Now how to prevent it? Try all forms of Medical tests available. If you continue to feel pregnancy symptoms after getting a negative test without waiting, discuss in detail with your doctor.

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