Managing PCOS

Nadiya P


February 14

What is PMS ? Symptoms and Control

PMS is a set of physical and psychological symptoms that arises about a week to ten days before menstruation. Premenstrual symptoms usually relieve or ease once menstruation starts. But they might continue for the first few days of the period. ♦️ There are numerous emotional and behavioral symptoms such as depression, angry outbursts, irritability, crying spells, anxiety, confusion, social withdrawal, poor concentration, as well as sleep disturbance, thirst, and appetite changes. There are also physical symptoms including breast tenderness, bloating, and weight gain, in addition to headache, swelling of hands or feet, and aches or pains. PMS is not real life threatening but it can seriously alter the quality of life of many women and affect their productivity and mental health. How to control? 💧Drink plenty of fluids 🧆Eat frequent small meals 🍎Eat balanced diet 💊Take supplements if req 🤸Get regular aerobic exercise.

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