Postnatal Health

Malvika Subramaniam


December 26, 2022

Sex after delivery

When is it okay to have sex?

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1. If you had a vaginal birth, you may have had an episiotomy or a vaginal or perineal tear that's healing. If so, sex prior to four weeks postpartum could leave you susceptible to a vaginal infection. 2. If you had a C-section, the same postpartum sex recommendations apply, though for many moms who gave birth via cesarean, recovery takes a little longer. Your practitioner may recommend waiting at least four weeks after the procedure to restart your sex life. Your incision takes time to heal, so it's especially important to get your practitioner's approval at your postpartum appointment. Every woman is different, and you might feel like you need longer than six weeks to feel comfortable having sex again.

December 26, 2022

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