Weight Management

Sakina Hashmi


Shyft Nutritionist

February 18, 2023

The food you don't 'CHEW' is EWWWW

Anyone out there wanting to lose weight and is struggling with weight management ??! Hear me out!!! The first and the most important step is to re-learn the art of chewing foods. It doesn't matter how healthy your meals are if you don't chew them well it's not going to work for you. Why is chewing sooo important? Firstly, it helps you in sticking to the portion sizes healthy for your body 👀. When you chew your food you become aware of your hunger and satiety cues and NEVER fall in the trap of over or under eating . Secondly, jitna chew karoge digestion utna accha hoga. And as they say' Motion sey harr emotion hain' 😌 Lastly, you will never have to food police yourself again or live in the feeling of constant dissatisfaction saying ' Yaar ek bite aur le letey hain, koi nai dekh raha'. When you chew, you eat only the amount, you are truly craving for !! But chew karna is so hard 🥹 well i will share some easy tricks that will make this activity fun, stay tuned for next post 🤩🤩

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