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Smruthi settlur


Shyft Yoga Trainer

February 20, 2023


A posture that we often practice in our sessions, but is our alignment right? Let's look into it- 1.keep the legs hip width apart and engage the hips throughout the practice to avoid lower back injury. 2. Shoulders rolled back and elbows closer to the ribs. 3. To check if the alignment is fine, raise the palms off the mat, and keep the chin and chest up. 4. Last but not least keep smiling. 🫰🏼 #postyourpose Happy practice. Stay hydrated. @Savithiri @Swati Singh @Naina @Richelle @Shailaja @Shubhangi @Megha Malhotra @Abhishek Deora @Manu @Preeti venugopal

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