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Nadiya P


February 21

What's for Lunch? Beetroot Sause Macaroni

Ingredients 1.5 cups macaroni pasta 4 cups water salt to taste For beetroot sauce: 🌼1 small sized beetroot 🌼2 nos red chilli 🌼2 cloves garlic 🌼2 tbsp olive oil 🌼Salt to taste Seasoning & Topping: 🌼Lemon juice 🌼Mixed herbs 🌼Spring onion Instructions 1)To begin with first add water,boil well add salt and few drops of oil and add macaroni (I have used wheat based macaroni) . It takes atleast 7-10 mins to cook.Rinse with cold water to prevent from further cooking. Set aside. 2)Pressure cook beetroot along with little water for 3-4 whistles. Reserve the water and set aside to cool down.Add it to blender along with red chillies, garlic and olive oil. 3)Add reserved beets cooked water little by little and blend it to a smooth puree. 4)Add this to cooked pasta Mix it well. Transfer to serving plate, mixed herbs or oregano, add a dash of lemon juice along with a sprinkle of spring onion. Enjoy Beetroot Macaroni😋

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