General Wellness

Nadiya P


February 23

8+8+8 Rule for Balancing Life

Balance in life 🧘means focusing on all aspects of life: relationships👪, work🧑‍💻, fitness🏊 ,health😃, and emotional well-being😇. Furthermore, people often face a lot of responsibility due to work or family from time to time, but making time for oneself is necessary so as to keep up with all the responsibilities in a healthy manner.This is the main goal of this rule. Let's decode as to what it actually is. 🤓 It begins with distributing your day into 8+8+8 hrs to make a good balance sheet of your life. - 🧑‍💻8 hrs of honest hard work, - 😴8 hrs of good sleep and - 🌞8 hrs should be spent on (3Fs, 3Hs, and 3Ss) 3Fs are Family, Friends, and Faith🤝🫂 3Hs are Health, Hygiene, and Hobby🏋️🚴 3Ss are Soul, Service, and Smile👭👭 This actually covers the entire aspects of life and equally prioritising enabling us to easily tackle the huddle of life. This rule is actually fascinating do give it a try.

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