General Wellness

Asmita Saha


February 23

Did You Start With Your Pre-holi Detox Yet❓

I personally believe it's better to prep the body & gut beforehand rather than limiting or guilt tripping during/after festivals. Believe it or not Holi is just 13 days away👀. And this colorful & layered fruit and nuts smoothie is one of my favourite afternoon snacks before a light & early dinner. What did I add in here?💭 1/4th cup banana 10 pcs of black grapes 1 small deseeded orange 1/2 cucumber 6 soaked almonds 2 Tsp curd 5-6 mint leaves Just blended everything up in 2 mins & TADA ✨ the smoothie is ready! This will keep me full until dinner time (7:30pm ). Also this works as a perfect pre-workout snack for me, which I'll start after an hour. Have you started anything especially to prepare for the upcoming festivals? P.S- I also tried to create a layer by blending the orange & nuts together and pouring that on top 😍

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