Weight Management

Nadiya P


February 25, 2023

When exactly will you be able to view your progress?

Today in our fast paced world, we often expect every result to be very obvious or quantifying it. What exactly is the number of Kg's I've lost for this week? Why haven't I shed those extra pounces even after working out consistently for almost 2 weeks now? I am following all the routine changes along with proper diet but I have lost just a few kilo's why is that? Take a breather... 🤫 Changes or Progress you have made is far beyond just weightloss. The significant reduction in the symptoms that you were facing, improvements in the energy levels,the water intake increase,consistent choices you make for your meals,the extra stairs you climbed today, alternative habits you have implied and so on...these are the actual progress.These will ultimately result to the long term progress, let us not get stuck in the vicious cycle of expecting immediate results and withdraw from the consistent and sustainable choices/habits/routine we are working towards. ❤️

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