Managing Thyroid

Nadiya P


December 26, 2022

Neonatal Thyroid, Is there such a thing?

Neonatal hypothyroidism is decreased thyroid hormone production in a newborn. In very rare cases, no thyroid hormone is produced.A thyroid gland that is not fully developed is the most common defect. Girls are affected twice as often as boys. The condition is also called congenital hypothyroidism. Congenital means present from birth. Some hypothyroid neonates are always sleepy and are difficult to feed, particularly if they have persistent jaundice after birth. Babies with thyroid problems may experience constipation and excessive weight gain. Such babies may have poor neurological development, low muscle tone, and cold extremities. Preventive measures: 1. Thyroid problems can be exacerbated by a lack of vitamin D. Early morning sun exposure is a good way to treat the deficiency. 2. Outdoor exercise stimulates thyroid glands, boosts immunity, and regulates calcium metabolism. 3. It is also advised to limit your intake of foods high in natural sugars

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