Gut Health

Asmita Saha


February 26

CONSTIPATION❓- Almighty Wood Apple To The Rescue (ft. Banana 🍌)

This one's a bael-banana smoothie !🤗 Have you tried this before?🤔 So what you'll need for this?📝 1/2 cup ripe bael fruit(wood apple) pulp 1 medium ripe banana 1/2 cup water/milk Literally nothing else. The mint I used here was just for decoration. But mint can be an awesome addition too for a fresh minty flavor. Anyways why is it tagged under gut health?🤔 Because this smoothie is a perfect constipation remedy.🔐 💡Ripe bael fruit contains soluble fibres which helps in reducing flatulence (gas) & constipation symptoms (as it also acts as a laxative) 💡Ripe banana also is filled with soluble fibres thus also helps in constipation. 🚨Contradiction - Taking too much bael fruit may upset your stomach so use in moderation. If you're on diabetes medication bael fruit can drop your sugar levels so before trying, discuss with your doctor & nutritionist🌟 📍Also if you're unsure about the grandmother liked it & it's a rare occurrence ✨

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